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Sipping On Coconuts in Mexico!

      Yesterday, I told you about how I got ban by Facebook and afterwards,  Firstly I complained  To anyone who would listen,  Then I realised Facebook belongs to the shareholders, they don't care about my business. It was...

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“It All Came Crashing Down”

After investing time and money in online marketing,  I eventually found 6 Mentors that I could work with, learn from and more importantly trust.  They have the success that I wanted and we thought the same way.  They weren't in...

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“Where To Start”

    Where to Start?   I decided to use my sales and marketing skills' and use them to start an online business. I wanted to learn how to start an internet business that supports my family and I.  Also...

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Yesterday, I mentioned about being made redundant and wondering “what now!” But let me take you back a little further first, before we move forward.   Luckily,  3 years before I saw something that was like a bolt of lightning.  ...

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“What Now?”

  “What Now?” I wondered while I sat in my car in Dublin, Ireland on a cold wet afternoon in March 2008.  I had just run from the office because I was trying to dodge the raindrops.  I sat in...

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