“Where To Start”



Where to Start?


I decided to use my sales and marketing skills’ and use them to start an online business. I wanted to learn how to start an internet business that supports my family and I. 

Also to help friends and partners build a recession proof business.

“Not having a lot of money to invest and knowing nothing about online marketing, I reached out to the internet. 

Over 3 years investigating and trying: –

  • eCommerce, 
  • Facebook Marketing,
  • Blogging, 
  • Email Marketing, 
  • Podcasting, 
  • Funnels, 
  • Webinars, 
  • you name it. 

It was information Overload. 

Have you been overloaded with too much information?

I bet you have!  ?

I have since learned (8 years into my journey) that a lot of these can be very simply broken down into 3 things 

Traffic, – Facebook Marketing, Blogging, Podcasting

Conversions – Funnels 

Sales– Email marketing,

So don’t let anyone tell you, That you have to do this or that, You need (at the start) 

1 Traffic Source

1 Funnel and

emails (kind of like what you are getting from me) 

Which I learned from this book Dotcom Secrets. 

If I was you and was looking for the best place to start and get to know online marketing.

I suggest that you start with this and it’s partner book Expert Secrets


Check them both out here.

Dotcom Secrets

Expert Secrets


It took me way too long to find these books and now they are the base for everything that I do. 

Let’s do this together



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Jerry J O Brien

Skype: jerryobrien1


P.S. When you get them, afterwards let me know the most important thing that you learned from them?

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you about when it all came crashing down. 

Did This Help You? If so, I would greatly appreciate it if you share on Facebook or Twitter.
Would you like more content like this? Subscribe here. http://0bbz.com/MyList
Not sure the best way to get started? Follow these simple steps to hit the ground running.
Step #1- Get Your Books:   DotComSecrets | Expert secrets | 108 Splits test
Step #2- Get Your Software: ClickFunnels | Active Campaign
Step #3- Online Training To Fire up your Business: Little Known Trick to your first Real Online Business | My List Building Club
Step #4- Connect With Me in our "New" Community:
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