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“What Now?”

  “What Now?” I wondered while I sat in my car in Dublin, Ireland on a cold wet afternoon in March 2008.  I had just run from the office because I was trying to dodge the raindrops.  I sat in...

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2 lessons I learned from my Dad’s Love of Horses

My Dads 80 year love of Horses Back Ground My Dad, Michael Anthony O Brien, died on 10 July 2018, 5 days short of his 92nd Birthday. He never liked birthdays anyway. People in Ireland say "that was a good...

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He Saved Christmas with 1 Funnel

He was only 1 Funnel Away! No one starts out Life, Successful. Sometimes it’s easy, Easy, to look at someone with more success than you and say, “It is easy for you, you are successful!” But no one starts out...

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