15 Simple Subject Line Checks – To Make yours POP!

15 Simple Subject Line Checks –

To Make yours POP!

I mentioned before, that I was a D Student, I hated English in School. Then when I was older I found out that I am Dyslexic. Today, I love writing and I write every day!

What changed you might ask?

About 10 years ago, I was dared to do Standup Comedy. I hated standing up in front of People, “I am dyslexic, I CAN’T do that!”
This CAN’T was the catalyst and drove me to do what was once my biggest fear. Standup Comedy.

It was during this process and writing Jokes for myself, that I realised that Joke writing like all writing is a formula, not something mystical that these words magicians were able to create. Just like subject lines.
My thoughts are that you shouldn’t get too caught up on the perfect title. I suggest you review the formula create about 5 different options. Pick the best and then test 1 or 2 if you can.

  1. Keep your audience and your goal in mind. Keep Your Audience and Your Goal in Mind! Click To Tweet
  2. If possible, localize and personalise for your subscribers.Subject Lines - Localize and Personalise Click To Tweet
  3. Make sure they are not too long. No longer than 50 Letters so that they easily fit on a mobile screen.
  4. Use concise language.
  5. Create a sense of urgency.
  6. Ask an interesting question.
  7. Use a sender name of someone who is known to your audience.
  8. Also make it relevant to the article, you don’t want people clicking your article and then moving away straight away.
  9. Don’t use too many all capitals.
  10. Do break the subject line up with brackets () and dashes “-” .
  11. Test.
  12. Use relevant keywordsUse Relivant Keywords Click To Tweet
  13. Include numbers
  14. Follow these Subject Line Formulas Subject Line Formulas Click To Tweet :-
    • “How _________”
    • “How to ________”
    • “7 Ways to __________”
    • “Why __________”
    • “What _______”
    • “Secrets of ___________”…
  15. Also check that your Subject is either:-
    1. Quirky,
    2. Weird,
    3. Unusual orFunny
Make Your Subject Lines Quirky, Weird, Unusual or Funny Click To Tweet

Bonus Tips:-

  1. I suggest that you run your subject line thru’ the following subject line test. Which you will want to be hitting over 95% in.  http://www.subjectline.com/ . Check Your Subject Here - www.subjectline.com Click To TweetNote , just because you get 100% on this doesn’t mean that you have a viral subject line, but its gives you a better chance.
  2. Finally, I suggest Be sure to check your Preview Text for the email. Preview Text is the text you will see in Gmail before you open the email.

So there you have it.

Subject line writing is just a formula and checks. Which those in the know use and now you can too! You can now create subject lines like the best Words Magicians!

If you have any further suggestions please include them in the comment box below.

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Jerry O Brien

Skype: jerryobrien1
Email: jerry@obrienai.com

15 Simple Subject Lines Checks - To Made yours POP! Click To Tweet
Did This Help You? If so, I would greatly appreciate it if you share on Facebook or Twitter.
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