My Top 12 Online Marketing Tips for 2018

What I wish I would have implemented sooner in my Online Marketing Business.

My Top 12 Online Marketing Tips for 2018

Where the Hell do I start?

This was 2008, when I decided I wanted to become an Online Marketer. Yes, I could have gone to the Internet, but if you ever typed in Online Marketing or Make Money Online, you will understand that there are millions and millions of people saying this and that, and to be honest, I wouldn’t trust 95% of them.

The world of Online Marketing is vast and diverse, there are 100s of ways to do everything.  With so many options, you have to be very selective about where you spend your time.

Some of these tips that I am sharing have been around for years and some are new. Either way, They are strong and important tips that will improve your business 1000s of percent if implemented. Tips that I wish I had implemented into my business sooner. And that brings me to:-

Tip 1. You don't always have to do the new thing. Click To Tweet

Just do old stuff slightly better than everybody else. In Jim Collins book “Good to Great” he talks about the Hedgehog and the Fox. The Fox tries lots of different ways to catch the Hedgehog, but the Hedgehog just does 1 thing! Rolls into a ball and he does that well and the fox can’t catch him.

Tip 2. The first things first, build YOUR List. Click To Tweet

Some people say that email is dead, but with 205 billion emails per day and 2.4 million emails every second of every day, I think email has a bit to go yet!

Don’t be distracted, don’t build someone else’s social media platform. (Facebook, Twitter etc.) This will give you faster gratification, but the true results will be slower and sporadic at the start. Facebook posts are only seen by 5% of your followers these days and Twitter isn’t much different.
You could start with your blog. But, there is a problem with that. Joe Public might love your article but because you can’t catch their details on a mailing list, you will not be able to contact them again. And that is like trying to fill a bucket full of holes. Looks amazing but you will never fill the Bucket.

Tip 3. Sooner or later you need to Blog Click To Tweet

I know I have been through this twice, Built a blog and it got hacked and had to start from the beginning  again. It takes time to add all the bits and pieces to make it look well and convert, but it doesn’t take much to get a basic blog out on the web. A blog builds credibility and authority like nothing else.  Getting your blog SEO optimised takes Time. But don’t forget SEO isn’t the only way to drive Traffic to your blog, Social Media obviously is also great for getting eye balls on it.

Tip 4.Test, Test and Test again. Click To Tweet

This is key. Try something. See if it works. Yes, keep it. No, drop it. Then try something else.
Think about this. If you improve your:-
a. Landing Page conversions by 10%
b. Opens by 10%
c. Click Through 10%
d. Sales by 10%
You will sell more than 40% more product! (Probably, even closer to 50% because this is compounding You can do the maths if you like)

Tip 5. Run Webinars Click To Tweet
Webinars are the way forward if you want to be successful online. It creates the right amount of scarcity and builds you up as a leader in your niche. Obviously, people who attend webinars have now shown a strong intent. Then when you offer them free value for their investment in time, they are more open to other offers that you have for them and can become advocates or fans of your trainings. Interested in learning more, check out this Training.

Tip 6. Use Instagram. Click To Tweet
Instagram is great for engagement and now with Stories even better. Also it’s all about Pictures so if your products are visual like some of ours in the Travel Industry then it’s great. Instagram also very marketer friendly. You can use Instagram to drive Traffic to your website.

Tip 7. Use Facebook Live, Periscope or YouTube Live Click To Tweet
As you probably know, Facebook Live is becoming more and more popular, but Periscope and YouTube Live are also ideal if you like to broadcast. And note that only 1 to 3% of people will ever broadcast! And don’t worry this percentage will not change. The advantages of Live Broadcasting are quite similar to Webinars.  Click here if you would like a 15 Page PDF and video training on Facebook Live.

Tip 8. Associate yourself positively with well known Brands in your Niche. Click To Tweet
Reach out and share influencers and top quality articles and content. Give more than you take and it will come back.

Tip 9. Make your own Picture Posts, with Canva. Click To Tweet
Canva is great and its free too! Canva has revolutionised image editing. Before Canva you would have to find and pay designers to update your Images and then you would have to wait and see if you liked them, before rinsing and repeating if you don’t. Now you can log into Canva edit and have you image updated on your site or social media within minutes.

Tip 10. Use Hashtags to get in touch with your target. Click To Tweet
Hashtags are now used on all major platforms. Its amazing for getting your word out to your target audience and don’t forget you can also listen to your target and competitors by searching and listening to what they are talking about!

Tip 11. Use Social Media Automation Tools. Click To Tweet
You can’t always be at your computer to post and also you might want to share something more than once and on multiple platforms. This is where a Social Media Automation Tool comes in handy.

Tip 12. Create a Subject line Swipe File Click To Tweet

As you sign up to more and more email marketers. You will notice that you like some people’s emails more than other. Start to collect subject lines that you find yourself opening. Then you can adjust them and use them again.

And here is Bonus Tip:-

Tip 13. Use Click to Tweet Click To Tweet

It’s a simple piece of blogging software which helps people to easily share your best content with their followers and friends.

So there you have it,

My Top 12 Online Marketing Tips for 2018. As you can see a lot are simple and straight forward.  Remember, firstly do what you do slightly better than everybody else. Implement one of these at a time and then move on to the next when you have embedded each one in your process. You will see exponential results as you implement. There is no quick fix, but if you take action everyday and don’t give up on your dreams, you will succeed.

If you have any further suggestions please include them in the comment box below.

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