[My Story] How to start Email Business from scratch (2019)

How to Make Money Email Marketing
How to do Online Business from Home

You are here because you probably typed either:-
How to start email business from scratch (2019)
How to make money email marketing
How to do online business from home

into Youtube.

Let me tell you my Story.

“What now?”

I wondered while I sat in my car in Ireland on a cold afternoon in March 2008. I had just come from the office and sat in the Car Park of a Business Park in the Suburbs of Dublin Ireland. I had just been made redundant. 1 year before, I won an award for the best in my Department. I worked hard to build up my Accounts. And now they were taken away and given to the new guy who I trained. The world of the employee is changing and will never be the same again.
I sat there for about 20 minutes and wondered “What Now?” I didn’t enjoy working there but it was the only thing I knew how to do. I thought that my skills have to change. I was going to learn the skills, so that I will not be left vulnerable like that again. I decided to use my sales and marketing skills’ and use them to start an online business. I to learn how to start an internet business that supports, my family and I. Also to help friends and partners build a recession prove business.

Information Overload

“Not having a lot of money to invest and knowing nothing about online marketing, I reached out to the internet.
Typed in
How to start email business from scratch (2019)
How to make money email marketing
How to do online business from home

Over 3 years investigating and trying: –
• eCommerce,
• Facebook Marketing,
• Blogging,
• Email Marketing,
• Podcasting,
• Webinars,
• you name it.
It was information Overload.
Have you been there?”
I wasn’t ready for success either and I didn’t have the right mindset. I didn’t have the productivity skills or the positive mental attitude to succeed.
There is so much advice out there how and where do you find the right advise and the right advice for you?

6 Mentors

Then I eventually found 6 Mentors that I could work with, learn from and more importantly trust. They have the success that I wanted and we thought the same way. They weren’t in it for the short term, but looking to create a business that will last time. And a lot of what they thought was the simple stuff. Traffic, Conversions and Sales. including Business Development, Funnels, Emails and mindset. Staying away from the other Shiny Objects out there that marketers want to sell you. Fads that will not stand the test of time. After years in the business I realised that there are alot of people out there that don’t tell you the complete picture. Have you ever tried to complete a jigsaw without having all the pieces. You can see the end result but you just cann’t get there. Well the great thing about these mentors were their honesty.

The Plan

The Plan was to use the best of breed of Online Marketing Concepts to build a successful online business to support my family. And also to work with interesting people to help us all succeed. My success shouldn’t be at the detriment of someone else’s. There is a saying, a raising tigh raises all boats. And I am going to help 100 people also start online business 2019.

Single Point for Failure.

Then I made an investment in Facebook Marketing to build a following. It was working well, I was getting good engagement on my articles and posts. Then 1 day it stopped. Nothing and No one saw my posts. Facebook had changed their algorithm and my posts were not being seen. Firstly I complained to anyone who would listen, then I realised Facebook belongs to the shareholders they don’t care about my business.

One of my mentors mentioned, that I should not have a single point of failure and Facebook for my traffic was just that. So I needed to adapt again. talking to my Mentors they all communicate with Email, Video and stories. Have you ever noticed no matter what they are talking about, Facebook, Blogging, eCommerce they all use email, Video and Stories to talk to you daily?” They attract You with something that you perceive to be valuable. This is called List Building, Now I understood. List Building communication is about Story in Email or Video. It is between you and your subscriber, its reciprocal. You provide value thru story and your subscribers will want to read your emails and watch Your Videos. It is independent of the platform. YouTube, Facebook, email etc. And I was sold. I needed to learn everything I could about List Building.

What Now!

Now I spend my time between Mexico and Ireland. I have an online Business that is growing daily. I have clients all over the world.

So to learn more about
How to start email business from scratch (2019)
How to make money email marketing
How to do online business from home
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