How to Declutter and Organise Your Business Online! (2-3)


Yesterday, we spoke about taking back control of your emails. If you didn’t review that, I suggest that you check it out now. Today we are going to move on from that and talk about How to Declutter and Organise Your Business Online.

Why Use Trello?

The next step is to declutter your mind. If you are like me, You are looking and working with many online topics including. Blogging, Facebook, email etc. and lots of ideas and people telling you important stuff, but is it important for right now?

If Not, You need someplace to put it for reference.

I have used a lot of software for this in the past including Slack, Asana, Todo lists, you name it. The first two have their advantages, but the one king of all the software is Trello and it’s completely free. And has amazing Mobile and Desktop versions.

I used to have a list for this and a list for that, then I realised that Trello does the job better than all of them.

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Trello 101

Here is what I suggest that you do with Trello when you are starting out. Don’t get too complicated with it just yet.
Just open 1 board and make 3 lists.

  1. To do,
  2. Doing and
  3. Done.

Now put all the that you need to do, in the Todo list and then start to prioritize and move them across. Prioritize them as Important, Urgent, Important Not Urgent, Not Important, Urgent, Not Important, Not Urgent.

I love Trello because it is as simple as you want and as complicated as you might it to be.  And is amazing at seeing the Big Picture of your projects and so easy to Drill down or move tasks out or complete them.

Trello Board Ideas

I started with 1 Board and Now I have 23 different Boards and 10 of 1000s of pieces of information, across them all. From Big Wishlist Ideas like Spend time on Tony Robbins’s Tropical Retreat in Fiji, to shopping lists when I am in particular shops.

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Ways I use Trello:

There are as many ways to use Trello as there are ideas. Think of an idea of something important to you. There, that could be a Trello board. As I mentioned, above though, I would start with 1 board and let it grow organically.  Here are the ways that I use Trello and the boards that I have:-

  1. The First 100 DaysHow to Build an Online Business and Retire in 100 days. 
  2. 1Marketing Minute – Future Video Ideas.
  3. Auto Responder – First Auto Responder Emails and Ideas. Growth Hacking – Articles and Courses I have come across and want to review at some stage.
  4. List Hacking – Similar to above, but also including tips and tricks and all in the one place. Ideas that I will be adding to my List Building Product in the future.
  5. My Leads – Contacts that I would like to keep in touch with again.
  6. O Brien Biz – All around Branding Jerry O Brien and the rebrand and relaunch of my website.
  7. Product Development – As I have been development My List Building Club. This board helped me prioritize and put every in order.
  8. Russell Brunson Books – Todo list to Master and Complete the steps in his books including “Find Your Message, Build a Tribe and Change the World..”
  9. Sales Hacking – Upskilling on my Sales Techniques.
  10. Software – list of all the online Software that I use and would like to use in the future. After all these years it gets far too complicated and many.
  11. Stuff – I don’t really use this much and actually cann’t remember what is in it.
  12. Client Board – This is a board for a particular client.
  13. To Blog – Ideas and introductions to Blog Articles that I would like to write in the future.
  14. Traffic – This is one of my newest is boards. New Prospects are very important to any business. I created this board to consolidate all the ideas and tactics that I have found regarding Traffic so that I can prioritize like I mentioned above.
  15. Weekly Presentation – Every Week. I do a webinar called.” Use this Little Known Trick to MAKE $1280 in the next month, In Your first Real Online Business, even if you are new.” You can join the next one here.
  16. Z Archive – at the end of the year, I move all the “Done” lists from each of the boards into this list
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My Personal Trello Boards

I even have Personal Boards for example: –

  1. My Personal Tasks– Here I have lists of my 1,2,3,5 and 10 year goals. Based on Jim Rohn, 7 Strategies for Wealth & Happiness
  2. Happy Marriage – Is what it says on the tin.
  3. Life Hacking – Ideas and ways I can improve my life and the life of the people around me.
  4. Tastie Foodie – Why not. I have a list of Recipes and videos to refer to when I am cooking. (This just proves how versatile Trello is.

And All this started with 1 List and 1 item. I suggest that you don’t add too much to Trello at the start because you will get overwhelmed again and you will not know where to go and what to refer to. And that completely defeats the whole propose of this article.

What Next with Trello?

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Start small and add some each day.

When you notice a group of tasks forming on 1 Topic create a new list for that topic and then when that becomes too big start a new Board.

This will make more sense once you start adding.

I suggest that you start with 1 board. Put this article in the “To Do” list and come back in a weeks time and read again.

This will make more since then.

So there you have it, How to Declutter and Organise Your Business Online using Trello.

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