11 Best Email Marketing Tips

The 11 Best Email Marketing Tips

That you probably don’t know. 

Do you remember the day you first heard the saying

The money is in the list Click To Tweet

Well I do.

Then I asked “Where do I go to learn that?” You might think to go to Facebook to learn Facebook Marketing but where do I go to learn Email Marketing?

“And on top of that, I am dyslexic. I can’t write!”, I thought.

I may be Dyslexic, but this has made me stubborn and determined. Just ask my Wife.

Some people say that email is dead, but with 205 Billion emails per day and 2.4 million emails every second of every day, I think email has a bit to go yet! Its changing but definitely not going away!

You could start with your blog, and we will talk about that more in the future. But, there is a problem with that. Joe Public might love your article but because you can’t catch their details on a mailing list, you will not be able to contact them again. And that is like trying to fill a bucket full of holes. And all that does it get your shoes wet.

So here are the tips:-

Tip 1. At the Start- Just Ask Click To Tweet

At the very start, just ask people if you can add them to your mailing list. It’s as simple as asking. You will be surprised at how many people say yes! And think about this too, if someone that you know and are talking to about business, doesn’t want to be on your mailing list, then they will never buy anything from you. So its good to know and saves you wasting time following up!

Tip 2. Create A high Converting Landing Page for your Target Click To Tweet

When you create capture page, landing page, or squeeze page simple pages will get the most sign ups. Create Curiosity in your Titles.

Tip 3. Get your Autoresponder set up Click To Tweet

Obviously, once you have your list you need to send them something. Look to become an affiliate of a product you have used and like. Share some of the reasons why you like it and suggest to others to try it out too! There is a 30 day money back guarantee with most affiliate products, so you and your customers can try it risk free.

After Testing out 4 of the leading autoresponders, I believe Aweber is by far the best. It was the only 1 to give 100% delivery rate on my small sample. You get a 30 day Free Trial here . Then you can also become an affiliate and share your own experiences. ( If you are just starting message me, I have access to some great free Autoresponder training for you!)

Tip 4 . Avoid Trigger Words or Email Marketing Curse Words Click To Tweet

The Curse words keep changing but worth checking the latest list and make sure you don’t send mails with these words.
Use this site to check your mail isn’t going to get caught in the spam filter. www.mail-tester.com
Tip 5. Use your own Domain email address. Click To Tweet
Obviously, your own domain email looks more professional than a Gmail etc address and Gmail prefers it too.

And if you are going to do that, you might as well do it with Google through Google Apps. Some people say it helps with Email Deliverability. After some minimal testing,  I am not so sure about that, but it never hurts to bribe the Big DON of the internet!

Tip 6. Email Subject line 50 Characters or less Click To Tweet
Ever try and read a subject line on a mobile screen? – enough said.

Tip 7. Email - Subject lines Max 3 Punctuations!!! Click To Tweet
If more than 3 it starts to look a bit Spammy. If you don’t believe me check out the amount of punctuations in your Junk mailbox.

Tip 8. Limit the use of Email Templates, images, and signatures. Click To Tweet
I have tried this and even though your mail looks lovely and pretty with your picture and lots of colours, Google doesn’t like it and the best you can hope for is to be dropped into the promotions box of Gmail.

Tip 9. Use Cloak links to Track, measure, and redirect. Click To Tweet
If Google or Facebook don’t like a link you can be penalized. Also using Cloak Links allows you to change the link once and it is updated on all your sites emails etc.

Tip 10. Make your own Picture Posts, with Canva. Click To Tweet
Canva is great and its free too! Canva has revolutionised image editing. Before Canva you would have to find and pay designers to update your images and then you would have to wait and see if you liked them, before rinsing and repeating if you don’t. Now you can log into Canva edit and have your image updated on your site or social media within minutes.

Tip 11. Have 3 call to actions in your email Click To Tweet
People will not do what you want them to, unless you ask them! again! And again!

And here are 2 Bonus Tips:-

Tip 12. The Best time to email is 8am and 4pm EST Click To Tweet Tip 13. Friday and Saturday Worst Days to email Click To Tweet

That’s My Top 11 Best Email Marketing Tips That you probably don’t know. Don’t worry if you think you can’t do email marketing, because I thought that too, but my stubbornness can be a good thing sometimes.

Do you have others that We probably don’t know? Add them in the comments below.

If you want to learn more about list building check out this free Event Event that will help you build and make the most from your list!

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Jerry O Brien

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